Undoctored Home Tools

Imagine your home “Undoctored.”

An Undoctored Home is a happy, healthy home—and we mean health on a scale you may have thought was unattainable. Manage your family’s health with the confidence and clarity that comes with knowing this program inside and out!

 This is not a “quick start” or introductory course. This is a deep dive into a program that will inoculate your family against the scourge of predatory pharmaceutical, agricultural, and “healthcare” industries while enjoying health, slenderness, and energy that you may have thought you’d lost long ago And you can share this experience with the entire family.

 Six weekly modules provide clear and hard-hitting instruction in the theory and practice of Undoctored heath broken down into 5 basic categories: Information, Connection and Collaboration, Nutritional Theory, Supplements, and Home Health Technology.

Included in Undoctored Home Tools:

55 concise educational videos

10 supplementary PDFs summarizing the essentials

6 printable Undoctored Health Affirmations